A Walk Through City Park Begins Questioning

Posted On Sunday, October 27, 2019

After I bump into a child walking through the City park, I notice they can’t see or hear me. Am I dead? Have I become invisible to this child? The child did not pay any attention to me? I asked myself quietly as I watch the child walk away. Wondering about what is going on, I look around to see if any possible signs of life taken are present. However, nothing seems out of the ordinary as I examine the surrounding area. Thinking, perhaps the child is blind or death.

I continue walking through City park, thinking about what occurred and begin to notice a strange sensation coming from my body. What is this feeling I am experiencing? I feel cold but warm at the same time. I feel as if my body is touched. I look up from the ground and see this figure floating before me.

Curious, I yell out, who are you? What do you want? I wait for a response. Silence is all I hear. Did this figure not understand me? While looking at this dark creature, I start to feel as if I am invisible to anyone near me.

I am continuing down the path I chose by the pond. Set of restrooms to the right. I proceeded towards the bathroom to see a young lady standing outside. She gives a warning, be mindful of the children, sir. Looking around, I see no children around. Thinking, did she think I was some person hunting children? What is wrong with the children, may I ask? Oh, nothing much, the children seems to be causing trouble around the park. I see I will keep an eye out.

I continue to the restrooms walking to the mirror. I look to see if anything is different. Experiencing the same sensation as before, I look around to see the dark figure again. What is happening? Who are you? Again, no response from the creature. Am I dead, may I ask? I receive no motion of a reaction from the beast. I continued to the exit of the restroom and walked back to my original path.

I begin to wonder what is happening around me. No one can seem to hear, see, respond, or acknowledge my existence. Perhaps people are rude. The world is full of ill-mannered people. Nothing came out of the previous experience, so I am starting to presume everything is nothing more than a mere panic attack.

Written by LeRoy McQuay

I am a developer with expertise in coding, PHP, and WordPress. In the past five years, I have focused on WordPress within the website industry.

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