Autobiography of Izzy

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Autobiography of Izzy

Izzy is a Boston terrier with a mixture of a pit bull. Her age is 4-years-old. Her coloration is brindle with some white. Personality is loveable, caring, and sweet. Everyone that has met she loves her. She has no meanness inside her, and all she wants to do is play.

We got Izzy while she was 2-years-old from an abusive person. The person would abuse her because she didn’t like how Izzy acted. Izzy enjoys attention, and that is all she wants. Nothing more and nothing less. She enjoys playing tug-a-war with people, and she loves stuffed animals.

Her favorite food is peanut butter, gummy bears, jerky sticks, barking Bacon, and Ol’ Roy. She loves going for walks around the neighborhood and meet new people.

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