Autobiography of LeRoy S. McQuay

Posted On Saturday, November 10, 2018


Hello, My name is LeRoy. My mother is Bonny. I have two brothers named Kevin and Ryan. I was born on (November 17, 1988) in Cumberland, NC. My name LeRoy (Le Roi) is French and means “King.” Named after my grandfather. Fun person to hang out with and people always tell me that I am the life of the day. I was found through food poisoning while my mom was stationed over in North Korea. I would compare myself to a marine because I am always tough and have a substantial value of codes.


My family is special to me because without them I would have no one. I look like my mom because I have her looks to me and I have her personality. I like pets. Own 4 of pets. I have four pit bulls who I enjoy being around. They are like guardians to me. My extended family lives far away. I don’t get to see them much. I miss my grandmother because she always was there for me. She passed away before I finished high school.


My first memory was going to Disney. I went to Disney while I was young and it was the best experience I have had. A memorable event in my life was the day I found out that I was part of a military family. I enjoyed learning about the military, and once I found out about my family serving, I became even more interested in learning more about my family.


My favorite sports are baseball, and I love to watch the game live at the stadium. It was a fun hobby I had with my mother. One of my favorite activities was to go fishing with the family. We would go to the creek and fish for half the day and catch any fish we could. I would find catfish for some reason most of the time when I went fishing. My second activity that is my favorite is hiking; I enjoy exploring nature and getting my nature workout. I enjoy camping which is the third activity that I enjoy. My family and I would go camping every summer and enjoy the time we had out of nature.


My hobbies are designing website, it relaxes me, and I love to show off what I can do with the website program. I am currently in the process of building a Minecraft community for people to enjoy talking about and playing the game. My other hobby is making items on Minecraft with my fiance. We enjoy seeing what we can build together on Minecraft. We have developed fantastic buildings jointly.

My Mother

My mother, who is Bonny was formerly an Army private. She joined up because of wanting to improve her career more in the accountant career. Later in 1992, Bonny retires from the army and returns to Baltimore, MD where her home is. While 6-years ago, Bonny found that she had Breast Cancer. Bonny had the disease removed and is living healthy today. Moreover, Bonny will be getting checked to ensure that cancer did not return.

My Fiance

Mary Miller, who is my lovely fiance and friend, seems like a young, sweet, caring and autistic woman. Mary has been my fiance for nine years now. Most of all, Mary loves animals, and she can not stand seeing animals hurt. As a result, Mary owns four pit bulls and one cat. While Mary loves animals, she also loves anime, manga, games, fluffy objects and shiny items. Besides, she loves her family as well.

My Grandmother

Loretta is my grandmother, who is a caring woman with a heart of gold. Her personality is caring. Loretta is from Parkersburg, WV. Furthermore, Loretta is my fiance’s grandmother. Also, Loretta’s favorite grandchild is my fiance. Loretta loves her whole family though. As a result, Loretta tries to take care of her family and always tries to do what she can to help them out.”

Written by LeRoy McQuay

I am a developer with expertise in coding, PHP, and WordPress. In the past five years, I have focused on WordPress within the website industry.

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