Democrats Are A Joke

Our Democrats care more about the illegals than the American Citizens, and it is pitiful to hear how many will promote the Democratic party. How can the Democratic party fret more about the well-being of illegals while our citizens are suffering because the Democrats do not appear to show solicitude about the issues at home? If we would put the care and effort into helping our own before anyone else, then our country would do well. Withal, the Democrats are likewise afraid to lose their votes for elections.

We need to worry about our veterans who serve the country with everything and retrieve nothing for their services. Why do we have over one million veterans on the streets, while we could set them up for a home for the rest of their lives? We have many homes evacuated in every state. Our veterans get the support they need daily after returning from active duty. During these times, the soldiers deserve to receive their share of aid so they can reemerge to civilization as a person, not as a war machine.

New York, Maryland, and some states are going so far to have sanctuary cities for illegals to live in our country after breaking precepts. Why are these sanctuary cities not protecting the American citizens? If illegals can violate our statutes, then by all means so should our citizens. Illegal immigrants murder our citizens, and there is no repercussion for horrendous behavior. It is about time our Democrats learn who, We The People, represent and where the Democrats stand in their positions. The Democratic party forgot, We The People, are those who put them into office, and can take them out.

Democrats loathe any person who is an instantaneous menace to them in the forthcoming. Hence, their failure in 2020 will not be because of Trump, but for their acute desire to dominate everything. The Democrats are attesting every day they detest American Citizens and favor illegals, which is a cruel way of showing how awful they care about the citizens.

Russian Watergate yielded with no results as the Democrats claim to would transpire after the investigation. How many more witch hunts must we endure before the Democrats give up on dissipating tax payer’s money for something they can’t fathom? How about zero (0) seeing it’s a waste of time and money, and we have more concerning matters imminent?

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