Denny’s Mistreating Customers Due To Complaints

Posted On Monday, November 5, 2018

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Denny’s is a restaurant that offers a variety of food at a reasonable price. For me, fair prices are a must in choosing places to eat with my family. Lately, my last visit has come to an end of this tradition due to a manager. When visiting a site that is 200 miles away from your city, and experiences a horrible outcome due to a manager not able to handle situations professionally is highly unacceptable.

I went to Denny’s in Clarksburg, WV, and was greeted with massive disrespect from a manager after a complaint arises. Wouldn’t be so bad if the manager would’ve at least let my mother explain her issue before interrupting her. After my mother disrupted, she informs her that she would not interfere if my mother, would act like an adult. A response as such is unacceptable. Also, for the manager not to care about bad reviews is someone who does not belong in a position that handles customer relations.

The food my mom ordered was the Garlic Peppercorn Sirloin with onions, red mashed potatoes, and zucchini and squish. When handing the meal to my mother, it was not the correct order. The steak came with mushrooms and onions. Afterward, my mother was offered a salad with ranch dressing. Upon receiving the item, it was French dressing instead of ranch dressing.

We waited 5 minutes for the steak to return from the kitchen. However, we find that it is missing some items such as the red mashed potatoes. It’s ok to forget to send out items. The customer should not have to remind the employees about the food.

The manager expects customers to only listen to what she has to say, and not hear the full complaint without interrupting. To add, she thought it would be a good idea to belittle people due to her employees messing up on orders. After three mistakes occur, it is no longer mistakes or accidental. It was on purpose.

My mother, an Army veteran, has not eaten at Denny’s for a long time, and we usually go to Denny’s as traditional. On Friday, November 2nd, 2018, that was ruined due to a manager.

On top of everything, the manager thought it would be ok to threaten the customers because she didn’t want to resolve an issue. A customer has the right to refuse to pay if services were not given as promised, if food quality presentation is not as guaranteed, or food portions do not match the description.

A sirloin steak that is 8 oz should look close to 8 oz whether then looking like a 2 oz steak. Also, the steak should be brown instead of white. The steak at question was 2 oz, white, and not close to the description. The food was cold upon delivery, and the environment was nasty.

The floors were dirty, and the table soaking wet after the waitress cleaned off the table, and the entry point was not well presentable. If Denny’s can’t keep up with expectations of customers, then they should be looking into how to resolve the issue presented.


While we acknowledge the one steak dinner preparation was not adequate, we also want to fill in the rest of the story. First of all, note that the image of the check which the guest shared does indeed indicate that the Manager removed the steak dinner which the preparation was incorrect.

However, there are numerous inaccuracies and exclusions from the guest account of this experience.

1. The guest did not ask the Manager to take care of the entire bill; he insisted that she take care of the whole bill. When she informed him this was not possible, he became loud and vulgar in his interaction with her. There were several guests in the restaurant at the time of this event that came to the Manager and offered to write a statement chronicling the inappropriate guest behavior.

2. Despite being told he would have to pay for the meals the manager would not remove from the bill, the guest then attempted to walk out without paying his bill. When the Manager stopped him and asked him to pay the bill, he once again got loud, vulgar, and threatening. The Manager had to tell him she would have to call the police if he did not pay his bill at which he responded by throwing his credit card at her in the lobby of the restaurant.

3. The guest has sent multiple complaints to Denny’s Corporate, the Better Business Bureau, Facebook, and Google in which he has used various names in placing these complaints. One of the names these complaints are under means “Death Wish.” Another of the names he has posted under means “Angel of Destruction.”

Denny’s has two expectations of all of our guests; to pay their bill and act civil and this guest violated or attempted to breach both of these expectations. Therefore we will not be refunding the remaining bill nor will we be firing our Manager.

According to Denny’s, it is ok if their manager disrespects veterans. It’s always the customer’s fault for any issues that arise from their employees. My mother has called and left a complaint with them about the entire situation. After my mother called she made the whole case against them a total lie. Her statement was the same as mine. However, her explanation was more detailed compared to mine.

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