Hebrew Israelites Throwing Racial Slurs At Everyone. Nathan Phillips Challenges Nick Sandmann

Posted On Tuesday, January 22, 2019

The media are doing everything in their power to enforce fakeness across the nation. Our individuals believe them more than using their judgment. The recent attack is on a group of teenagers at a protest, where the media put them as offenders. At the time, the Native Americans came up to dismiss the boy’s attention towards a group of individuals who were throwing slang against those boys.

The protest was peaceful compared to the previous protesting, which occurred in the past. A group of teenagers from a high-school decided they wished to participate in the rally to voice their opinions.

According to multiple sources, there were a group of black Israelis attacking the teens with verbal assaults, and the Native Americans were what appears to try and distract the boys from those verbal assault to try to defuse the situation.

The teenager, Nick Sandmann, was remaining calm and silent, trying to show restraint against the insults from the racist Black Israels known as Hebrew Israelites. A few of the Native Americans wanted to maintain peace throughout the memorial for respect to the country.

The Hebrew Israelites were presenting vulgar, hurtful, and racist remarks towards everyone at the memorial, including the Native Americans, and the teenagers. The teens may be wrong with not allowing, Nathan Philips, go to the destination he was heading.

But at the same time, how did they know he was heading to that area? I do have to ask is, did Mr. Philips ask the teens if he could get by? Alternatively, did he try to get to his destination by forcing himself through the crowd?

The Catholic teens were not the cause of the situation and did not deserve the outcry of the situation either. The media is overlooking the pure origin of the case, and that would be racism.

Written by LeRoy McQuay

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