HellVape Dead Rabbit RDA

Posted On Friday, January 11, 2019

Dead Rabbit Brings Flavor To The Table!

The Dead Rabbit RDA in collaboration with Heathen, a respected vapin’ reviewer in the industry, to present a fully inclusive rebuildable atomizer, featuring an elevated “postless” quad terminal build deck. Utilizing the creative designs from Vapin’ Heathen and the production mastery of HellVape, the Dead Rabbit RDA measures 24mm in diameter with CNC impressions on the wall sleeve. The implementation of the knurled top cap provides additional flair to the composition while offering the advantageous functionality of the throttles the dual slotted top-side airflow.

Introduction To HellVape

HellVape is genuinely a pioneering design and manufacturing firm of Vaper and Personal Electronic Products. They dedicate to unprecedented vaping devices. HellVape uses the best quality elements existing today while forging ahead of customer demand, and engineer the compounds customer demands but predict their future needs. They try to keep their budget and operation cost down, so they can bring vapers the most exceptional product at mid-range to top quality without the present dread of low funds.

Introduction To Flavor

The Dead Rabbit RDA is a lovely device which gives flavor as no other tank does. It appears that the RDA can grasp the taste from the juice and deliver it flawlessly to your tongue. With having the RDA for one full day has given me the impression that the Dead Rabbit was a good investment. I have tasted flavors a lot differently on the Dead Rabbit vs. the Crown 3 tank, and I have to say that some of my flavorings I am not too crazy about after using them in my RDA.

Is the RDA worth getting for Newcomers?

I would say that for anyone who is looking to get into the RDA that they should get the Dead Rabbit. The atomizer is useful for building as the post deck is comfortable, spaced out, and well designed for those who do not know how to set up the build. Myself uses pre-built coils, and I can set up my build within a few minutes due to how easy it is to manage with the post deck. It can fit one or two coils on the posts. I am new to RDA, and with the Dead Rabbit I can set up the entire tank within a few minutes thanks to how simple the posts are.


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