Legal Vapers Shouldn’t Have To Pay For Minors

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Legal Vapers Shouldn’t Have To Pay For Minors


I wrote a letter to the FDA about the ban on flavors for vaping. I do believe that vapers shouldn’t see punishment due to minors wanting to vape. Teens will do what they think is cool. What I believe should happen is perhaps do a study on teens vaping, and find out if there is a solution that can benefit everyone.


I think vapers shouldn’t see retribution due to teenagers choosing to vape. We have had this dilemma since the early ’40s, and it won’t cease teenagers from smoking or vaping. Flavors help people to quit smoking as it is a lot healthier for people. The substances in cigarettes are unhealthy and can kill individuals more than vaping.

I only have been vaping for a year now, and my physician says my lungs look better vs. when I was smoking cigarettes. Not saying vaping does not have side effects, but the side effects are less compared to smoking cigarettes. I alone believe it is an atrocity to see punishment for what our youths are choosing to do at their discretion.

The problem I see is not that anyone is forcing our teenagers to smoke, vape, or do drugs, but it is easier for teenagers to gain access to products because they can go into stores and purchase the items without worry of being ID. I see more teenagers buying tobacco products then I do adults. The stores do not ask for ID.

Yes, teenagers have easy access to any form of tobacco product, but we have no protection to prevent access to the products. For which is making it harder to cease teens from purchasing the merchandises without resistance. However, the safeguard should not affect others eligible to use such products. While I understand that there is as yet any way to cease teens from achieving the merchandises, we should look into a system that can assist to prevent them from accessing the products.

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