Misty Nightshade’s Biography

Posted On Friday, January 11, 2019

Misty is a beautiful young woman who is 5′ 4″ with hazel green eyes and brown hair. She shows care, love, and harmony which have autism and an astonishing personality. In detail, She cares for her family and as well as the animals she loves.

Essential to realizing that she is shy when she first meets people, that is until she gets to know you. Of course, she does enjoy meeting new people. Also, her favorite hobbies are anime, manga, games, caring for animals, and as well as watching T.V. At the same time She enjoys creating outfits on IMVU and talking on IMVU. With this in mind, she can develop lovely designs for her avatar.

During Halloween Misty and Xensor met, which was a beautiful warm day. When She greeted Xensor, her face was full of joy and happiness. Her face, when I came down, was full of amazement to see that I drove 200 miles to see her. She and I have been through many adventures in our eight years. Notably, she was wearing a black t-shirt and shorts dressed as Gothic. Not to mention I was wearing a disturbed t-shirt and a pair of black with green stripes Tripp pants.

From time to time we go camping, play games, watch shows, and go for walks. At the same time, Misty and Xensor went on an adventure together over the past eight years. In the light of She care for animals, she once owned a Pomeranian/Chihuahua named Gizmo. Formerly Gizmo was She’s oldest pet. Gizmo was a loving pet who had a fantastic personality; he would dance each time She came in his sight. She was upset once Gizmo past away, but that did not keep her down. In short, She owns three dogs and one cat, which are amazing and keeps She company.


Name (& pronunciation): Misty Nightshade

Date of Birth (& age): 25 Years Old

Place of Birth: Parkersburg, WV

Gender: Female

Species/Racial Origin: Ice/Water Dragon

Social Class/Community Status: Sweet and Loving

Language: English

Family/Friends/Pets/Etc: Xensor Nightshade

Physical Description

Height: 5′ 8″

Weight: 165 LBS

Hair: White

Eyes: Silver White

Detailed Physical Description: Curvy

Typical Clothing/Equipment: Dark clothing


Personality/Attitude: Caring, Loving

Skills/Talents: Can keep Xensor calm.

Favorites/Likes: Husband, Anime, Manga, and animals

Most Hated/Dislikes: Animal abusers

Goals/Ambitions: Bring peace to the world

Strengths: Independent

Hobbies/Interests: Fishing, hiking, site seeing

Philosophy of Life: Why must we always try to destroy each other? Can’t we just live in peace and harmony?

Attitude Toward Death: What is Death?

Place/Type of Residence: United States

Written by LeRoy McQuay

I am a developer with expertise in coding, PHP, and WordPress. In the past five years, I have focused on WordPress within the website industry.

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