Vaping Bans Against Adults is an Atrocity

Posted On Monday, December 9, 2019

Lately, I been hearing about how vaping is causing this ‘lung’ disease occurring from vaping, and teens are dying due to this medical condition. However, the media outlets are leaving out vital information relating to this situation and scaring many people due to the enticing details released to the public. I am hoping to remedy this issue with indisputable facts over the misleading information. While most health complications from vaping can occur in almost everyone, the lung disease caused by vaping is mainly due to black market products.

I have been vaping for almost two years and have noticed a variety of my health complexities have gone away or decreased. Not once have I received any medical condition relating to my lungs as the media outlet claims are occurring in the recent six months. For almost ten years, cigarettes riddled my lungs with harmful substances, and when I went to vaping in 2017, my lungs showed signs of recovering and clearing.

Vaping companies are not targeting our youth with their advertisements as the media are claiming. Our juvenility undoubtedly can go to a gas station or any shop such as Kroger’s and purchase these items with lessen interaction. Our laws should stop being lenient on our juveniles and the stores selling these products to the youth. If we adults must pay for our crimes, then why are our juveniles given such leniency when committing crimes?

We need to stop blaming the companies making these products as ‘targeting’ the young adults, while their primary audiences are adults who are at least 18 years old and above. Juul, Vandy Vape, Hell Vape, VooPoo, and other companies are not aiming to get teens addicted to nicotine. Our teens will become addictive to nicotine, whether we have vape products or cigarettes available to them with ease or without ease.

The ban would do absolutely nothing with helping them not get the products but make it easier on them obtaining these products through the ‘black market.’ We are seeing where the threat of a ban is leading our teens, and it is becoming the epidemic we should be fighting. The CDC and FDA have no clue what we should be doing, so they want to make things harder on those who wish to become healthier.

Written by LeRoy McQuay

I am a developer with expertise in coding, PHP, and WordPress. In the past five years, I have focused on WordPress within the website industry.

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