War is Not Good For Anyone Except To Take Away Peace

Posted On Sunday, January 6, 2019

Why is everyone so bound on fighting with others? Is there no way of having peace around the globe? It seems it is atrocious to have peace for the world, and for people not to hate others. What people misunderstand about going to war with countries is it causes hatred, pain, and despise against others. I believe everyone should be more about bringing peace whether than trying to fight others.

Why is everyone so bound on fighting with others? Is there no way of having peace around the globe? We believe what the media informs us instead of using our thought process. The media-perpetuated content tells us about the bad things that happen but does not give the full story about the ordeal. Due to the lack of understanding humans prefers to start a conflict with others, and this cause harm towards others. When any country goes into a war, there are more consequences than what we expect. While we think such causes are enough to justify the war, there is no justification for any form of battle. [mks_highlight color=”yellow”]Battles are not worth the lives of our men and women who must fight for our freedom. Freedom’s price is the cost of a person’s life.[/mks_highlight]

Is there no way of having peace around the globe? [mks_highlight color=”yellow”]Peace is hard to find in our current ways of living[/mks_highlight] because we are fighting non-stop against people. We battle against others based on small things we could resolve by using our common sense. We should look into finding solutions without some discussion that turns into a conflict. Everything in life can come to a resolution by talking over the differences.

So many think a war is the best option then these same people can give a good detail about why we should enter into a conflict with a superpower country such as Russia, what should do when we go into the war (economy, security, jobs, and housing), and how should we exit out of the war?

We still are fighting a war that is not ending and was fighting for nothing. The Iraq war we are in is happening with no exit plan and is causing us problems to this day. Here we want another war with another country over something so stupid and small. You want a battle over hacking but are not mad that the hacking happened in 2008 while Obama was president. Sorry, but I want no more of our men and women going into a battle for those who do not understand what war does to the families of those who serve. I do not want to hear about Russia hacking us is a reason for entering a conflict with the country. War is heinous and horrendous towards those who fight and their families.


Written by LeRoy McQuay

I am a developer with expertise in coding, PHP, and WordPress. In the past five years, I have focused on WordPress within the website industry.

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