Why Minecraft May Be Good For Education?

Posted On Tuesday, November 6, 2018

You’re at school with an assignment to create a visualization of a plot that you must create. You can’t figure a way of doing it though, so you get on Minecraft and start building while thinking of the project. You realize that the whole time you were making and thinking, you ended up creating the project. After this realization, you continue to do it and then save the work. You log off for the night, waiting for the next day to bring up the idea of using the Minecraft to show your project. The teacher agrees but has to get the approval from the administrator. So, now your goal is to get the administrators to approve this idea, what do you do about this?

Socialization with others while playing could lead to children making friends and learning that interacting with other children gives them a better understanding of how the society works. Making friends can be an excellent way to feel welcomed and start a bond with other classmates. Boost confidence with themselves and make them feel less shy towards other classmates. Students can chat with other classmates while playing and come up with ideas on what to build. They also can talk together in person about what to make and then work as a team in the game to create that idea. Socialization from Minecraft can lead to better confidence between students in working together on projects. This can also make it easier for students who feel shy make friends and interact more with other classmates.

Trading with villagers teaches children that some items are needed to gain some resources. Thus, showing them an economy system. They also learn that some resources are more critical than others and how to resolve the missing resources. They can trade with other classmates as well to gain the resources they need for items or their buildings. This can also boost math problem solving as it can lead to them having to get the correct amount and adding or subtracting any amount they have or need for the item(s). They learn resources are limited, and you can trade with others to gain those limited resources while determining that some things require different tools to receive some of the items they need. Students learn that economy is essential as it helps them to gain resources they do not have. They also learn how to solve problems that they meet when needing certain items for specific jobs.

Creativity helps our children learn how to visualize a story or create a story-line. This is a good way for students to write poems, stories or even plays. Minecraft gives the ability to be free with their minds and use what comes to their imagination. The game opens up the creativity of students which can allow them to construct their ideas and turn them into visualizations. The game enables the students to open up their creativity and resolve issues with visualizing the goal of these concepts.

If we allow Minecraft to be used in education, the student can learn essential life skills that can be gathered through the game. These skills are an everyday use of life. Reading, math, and problem-solving is the majority of the game life lessons. Minecraft can help with writing, reading, problem solving and math. Minecraft can be useful for creating stories with characters or plots. Thus, creating a story-line within the game. Children can also use Minecraft to recreate visualization of what they have read during class. Minecraft doesn’t just teach, and it helps students feel more comfortable with creating thoughtful ways of solving issues and creativity. Thus, allowing them to learn the essential meanings of skills that are used in life on a daily basis.

Written by LeRoy McQuay

I am a developer with expertise in coding, PHP, and WordPress. In the past five years, I have focused on WordPress within the website industry.

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