Working on Sunday helping grandfather leads to injuries

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Working on Sunday helping grandfather leads to injuries

Today I went to work as I usually do. Today will be a long day due to us having 13 buildings. A. I help my grandfather out with cleaning buildings. Working on Sunday can be hectic for my grandfather and me. We have a long day, and sometimes it’s hard to finish in a reasonable time-frame.

While at work, my mother-in-law calls and informs us that her dogs are fighting. My fiance and her brother obtain injuries. Cause of my brother bringing his puppy down to his mother. The dogs started to attack my brother then turned to attack each other.

While they were doing this, my brother escaped to the hallway with the puppy. My mother-in-law tries to break them loose and stop the fight. My mothers-in-law try to get her children to safety.

While locked in the bathroom, the dogs are still fighting. We arrive at the house to see my brother’s leg covered in blood. I walk into the kitchen to see that Spike is sitting on the deep freeze and Rambo is sitting on the floor. Then I proceed to get them outside, and after doing so, I open the bathroom door. I see my fiance on the floor upset and hurt. I get her to safety while my grandfather gets her little brother and after getting to safety, I access the situation and look at the injuries.

The wounds they obtained are mild. Also, my brother’s knee is bleeding with two wounds punctures on his knee and a puncture on his left arm.

We load them up in the van and head to the emergency room and get them medical treatment. I am waiting with my fiance at the E.R.

In conclusion, my fiance‘s arm was not broken and did not need stitches. My brother required stitches and was alright. They both received antibiotics and informed nothing serious was wrong.

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